“Home is where your dream is” by Lea Allaj

April 22, 2024

Let’s talk about Florence. Florence is one of the biggest city in Italy and it is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture.  One of the most iconic sights it’s Duomo. It is a big cathedral and it is one of the most popular tourist destination. Many cruise ships sail every month Mediterranean sea and as the nears stopover they use the Livano historical port. But except for the sea even the air is good in Florence as everything else. Many planes fly to Florence not only to see the city but also to see the Florence airport. The suburbs have always been thrilling in Florence and not only because of the pocket stealers. People out there are always busy and they love museums and sailing. They are extremely addicted to luxury cruise ships…… because they are extremely rich.

Anyway, got to go now see you soon!

By Lea Allaj, 13 Years Old, 2023, class 7