“Can the Power of Will beat the Body Clock” by Lea Allaj

April 22, 2024

Each one of us has its own body clock. We have all build it with days,weeks or even months of a strict discipline. But have you ever seen your mom waking up in the same hour everyday? After watching her carefully, you turn around , where you face your assistant pillow and think: I have years trying to wake in the same hour and still haven’t arrived in the place where the prices are given. Well, this happens because all teens have this biological rhythms called circadian rhythms. They release melatonin, a chemical in the brain that controls sleep. So, this means teens find it hard to sleep early in the evening. For this problem schools are thinking about starting the lessons later. Some schools have already tried this “ experiment”  and do you know what happened? Students grades rose by 30%. But is this what we want? No, because when teens will go to the high school nobody will ask them when do they want to start the lessons. So, practically if we start the middle school later than this is not the way we are going to be successful in life. That’s because the world won’t  be spinning around us.  Hello, wake up!!!!! Nobody is asking us what we want, when we want it or where we want to do something.  So, guys be prepared!

And now, in the scene comes our beloved power of will. What part should it act? Well, it should pretend to be the one that will help us through our life. How? Easy! It would be the one which would help us choose how are we going to live our life.  Just like when are we going to wake up or sleep. So, the answer is YES. The power of will can beat the body clock.  How? Due to controlling our controller. If we don’t know have a strong power of will than we are like the quote: If you can’t run, you crawl. If you can’t crawl, you find somebody to hold you. Do we want our future to be held by our school or by “9 am’ clock? No, because nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give you quality or justice or anything, if you are a man and you know what you want and what is important for you, than just go take it yourself.

By Lea Allaj, 13 Years Old, 2023, class 7-8