“Global Warming and me” by Lea Allaj

April 22, 2024

Global warming worries us all and that is a fact. So as we are very worried and whenever we hear about global warming fear gets us and puts us in a prison, we are ready to do anything to stop it. One of them is to stop eating meat. But how does eating meat and saving the environment are related with each other?  In the text we had at Macmillan it says that a recent study of EAT-lancet commission we should reduce the consumption of red meat EU by 70% and US by 84%. Also the expert Marco Spring man says we will need to reduce meat by 90% or the global warming is going to get out of control. Now, about EAT, it is real that the study says so, but if each one of us reduces 90% of meat in our everyday diet it means we would eat meat at least 2 days a month. It is a small quantity but not at all.

Another quotation is that according to Water Footprint Network more meat we consume more water we consume so the water one day will be done. But has these scientists forget about the water cycle in nature. Well probably. Because the water cycle in nature is the one and only prove that water in nature never ends.  It also says on the text that farmers are reducing rain forests to make for the animals. First things first, “ things” that animals eat are also plants so as far as they “live” they will somehow manage the global warming. Second: For a flock of about 30 animals there are needed at least about 10 acres, but we also know that the smallest rain-forest is about 25 acres. The other thing I disagree on is that in the text says that 40% of landmass is used to feel people. But to feed 8 billion people there are needed only 20%.

The question that grows just like a plant is where does the other half goes? Yes, to the industries that make the global warming worse. I also disagree with the fact that Maastricht University in Netherlands says that one possible solution about meat problem is us eating lab-grown meat. We all know that lab-grown meat needs a bunch of chemicals to grow, so why is worth it to save the planet if we don’t save our self first. Now, about the dioxide emission. US and caws the same breath in and get oxygen and then breath out and release carbon dioxide. Why don’t we kill people for that? And last but not least, the government telling us what to eat. If that happens than  why are grown-ups called adults. Do they still need a mummy and a daddy to tell them what to eat. I don’t think so!

By Lea Allaj, 13 Years Old, 2023, class 7