“The unspoken truth about teenagers”

December 26, 2022
Everyone thinks that teenagers these days just stay bin their phone and do nothing. But what is I tell you that this is not true.
So we know that nowadays teenagers stay on their phone on their free time and mostly listen to music. All the time that we spend on our phone parents constantly yell at us to do something else like do chores homework or study and if we tell them that we have already done them they will tell us to go and find new things to do. Why you might ask. Because “we stay on our phones too much”. But do they even ask us what are we doing? No they don’t. They always jump in to conclusions and think that we are wasting our time on our phones and throwing our lives away. And the only thing that they care about is our grades. They don’t care if we are tired or exhausted. They only care about straight A’s and if we get something a bit lower then A they will tell us that we are spoiled or a disappointment to the family. And all of this stress and anxiety goes to our mental health and then we have mental health problems. And these mental health issues lead to being mentally unstable and then these lead to depression and then to self harm and maybe even suicide. If we tell our parents these they tell us that we are either being dramatic or they we are going through a phase. They don’t realize that these are true problems they just shrug it off like it is nothing. But this is reality. This is what most teenagers go through everyday. Sure this is not the reality for every teenager but this is what mist teenagers go through everyday.
But the fault doesn’t go to the parents only it also goes to school. Yes school has fault too. Schools thinks teenagers think are robots or some kind of machines. They give us tons of homework and tons of assignments to complete in such a short time that we can’t even do half. Then the exams are nothing like what they tell us to study. Also the studying that we need to do go every class and each exam is exhausting because every teacher wants to do exams in the same day and we need to study 1-3 hours for every subject. And the time that we have to rest is 0. Then this leads to having little to no sleep at all. We all know that a teenagers need at least 8-12 hours of sleep each day but can we do thus if we have to study 24/7. No of course not. And all of this leads to anxiety and having mental health issues.
These days school isn’t about teaching students. No. These days school is only about getting good grades. Then they have the audacity to say that they care about our mental health.
Schools really need to change their educating program. Because it is peoples lives we are talking about. If the educating system is still like this in the future we will have even more suicide situations. And to all if the parents out there don’t be harsh on your kid and actually listen to them and help them get through this. Because one day you will miss them but the won’t miss you