“The difficulties of being a teenager”

December 26, 2022
So when I say the word teenager you probably think of a boy/girl staying on their phones doing nothing. Or maybe this is just what you think so let me show the reality if what being a teenager actually feels like.
So we all know that teenagers nowadays just stay in their phone and do nothing. But what is this boy or girl is just trying to escape reality and be away from all of the stress and anxiety parents have put them through. Because the only thing that parents want from is good grades and nothing else. And what does this do to us? Give us anxiety and stress. And we deal with it by trying to escape reality. The way that we have found to escape reality is by listening to music. That is the only thing that calms us. You might think how? Easy. It is because we relate to the lyrics. A lot of artist have done songs about mental health mental instability depression etc but no one takes us seriously. They all think that we are going through a phase or just being dramatic. But that’s not the case. The problem is parents not even trying to understand us. They always jump in to conclusions and think that we are doing nothing but all we are trying to do is escape from this horrible reality. Sure this us nit for every teenager but it what mist of us are going through. No one takes us seriously. And then parents wonder why we never open up to them. This is exactly why.
So to all of the parents out there please listen to what your child has to say and give them your full support. Give them a shoulder to cry to. Let them express them selves freely without being judged or harassed. Be more open minded with them and then you will see how much these is going to help your child both emotionally and physically. So just go and help your child fix the problem not make it worse. Then you will see how much your relationship will change.