HIPPO Competition in Elbasan
“Shakespeare 400”, kids in Elbasan, Albania learn Macbeth…
March 3, 2017
October 8, 2017

HIPPO Competition in Elbasan

HIPPO Competition in Elbasan.

H&D Consultancy (http://hdconsultancyelbasan.com) was proud to host Olimpiada Nderkombetare e Anglishtes HIPPO , or Hippo Language Competition, in Elbasan for the second year.

Our thanks go to our most honourable and great partner, YES-Your English School., and Genci Shurdho, University “A.Xhuvani”, the Rector and the Dean, and to the great teacher from Shkollajopublike Cerrik, Denada Cipi, teachers from Gramsh, Librazhd and of course…the parents and the families involved…


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