“The Decision” by Lea Allaj

April 22, 2024

So, I live in a grand floor house and I do really love animals. When I was 1 a member of my family bought to me a turtle. It was 1, just like me. Our birthdays were at the same day and maybe it sounds weird but we would “celebrate” together every single year. I love her and she loves me. But, then my dad told me we would build a block of flats in the same place were my house stands now. At first I thought it was okay but, then remembered my dear turtle. This was the moment of the truth. I was about to make an important decision. Should I let my turtle in the road, and with lots of dangerous flying around its head, or selling the turtle, and staying scared not knowing what its new owner will do with it? At first I thought killing my turtle. Wait, what??? No, I promise I didn’t think that! Well, my last word was: let’s sell it but with high price and days of meeting. But unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. Tomorrow I would sell the love of my life, my “sister”, my everything to a person I’ve never seen in my life. That’s pretty sad and hurtful.

Now, tell me if you like animals? What important decision you had to do in your life? How did it affect in your life afterwards? Write down below to the comments


By Lea Allaj, 13 Years Old, 2023, class 7-8