“Do not waste” by Lea Allaj

April 22, 2024

We are the same but also different. I am starting this speech with this old, cliché quote. The problem is:  Why should we be the same at food waste and earth pollution only.  I can explain that. This happens because we live thinking: “Others will do it!”  And here comes the question: Who is going to do anything if everybody thinks so? Aliens?  Maybe, in the future! We are all citizens in our home. Home=Earth. Citizens are not only people of a nation, but also people that keep this nation alive. One word of mine was Home=Earth. How do we hold alive the Earth? Do we keep it clear? I don’t really think so.  Let’s turn the world to each one of our houses.  How do we keep them? Clear kitchen, clear bathroom, clear dining room, clear living room, but messy bedroom. Why can’t the messy bedroom be our houses and the other clear rooms the World.? Now let’s turn around 360 degrees to stop at great learners. Great learners. Great learners are those who learn beyond age and beyond school. Well, before learning math and history let’s learn to think well. Let’s think about buying the right amount of food, or cooking the old one so we can somehow manage the waste. Let’s go think about cutting less trees.

Why can’t we change? Why should we cut trees, make paper with them and then write in the paper DO NOT CUT TREES! It’s scary to know that only one small country throws away about 7 million tons of food each year. For a moment let’s turn our wonderful and precious attention to India or other poor countries. India also has citizens. Can they keep their nation alive? No. Do they waste a lot? That’s also a no. This happens because we don’t leave them any open roads to do that. How do you feel seeing millions of kids that don’t eat for days, just because we find it hard to buy 2 bananas instead of 3? Why? Because we are too lazy to leave the house again.  Where is the contention? Easy. The banana gets brown; in our eyes it looks disgusting so we throw it away. That’s called WASTE. If we call ourselves citizens or maybe just people of a huge community, then why don’t we care about others?   A community is a group of people who contribute for the place where they live, the work they do, but most important for EACH OTHER. I don’t think it is right to call ourselves people, when only animals don’t care about each other. Have you ever thought about buying the right amount of food?  If we buy one bread, 2 salads, some sausage and a bit of everything thy will be all consumed so we won’t need to waste. That’s a good thing though. Because with food we throw away, we also throw away land, water and a lot of time. My words are finished just because I believe (you should too) that being a part of a community makes us caring and makes us think and involve in a way. That’s why we should be grateful about our world.

By Lea Allaj, 13 Years Old, 2023, class 7-8