The Albanians we Need- Meet our summer classes 2023

November 26, 2023

Megi Çereni
Luka Shella
Belikisa Muço
Oresti Toçi
Kledis Tosku
Aston Bahja
Brun Bahja
Dionis Qose
Gresiana Xhelili
Nevjana Stafa
and our champion Simeon Dulja (C 1 Level of CEFR)

who participated at our summer classes 2023 and despite their young age as well as time-conusuming formal school-work managed to sit the prestigious exam Cambridge English and were awarded with the Diploma “First Certificate in English”.
They just withdrew their diploma from our office and we are proud to have had the chance to meet such excellent and avid lovers of the langage of Shakespeare.

Our motto has always been ” It all about the journey, never the destination.