“Girls Make Games” by Irisa Meta

November 11, 2022

In your opinion, how important, useful or necessary is an organization like ‘Girls Make Games’?

Every company is useful and necessary but ‘Girls Make Games’ is way more important. We aren’t talking about a simple video games creating company, it’s about doing something out of the ordinary, it’s about pushing down negative stereotypes opinion and differences between two genders. A very beautiful company which pushes girls to follow what they like and not what others like.

Also girls are more creative in some directions than boys. That helps the games industry to be more successful because all of the girl audience can have games they like.And boys don’t know very well what girls want

A very big problem is that girls are missing out on very good job opportunity and this company is helping them to realize this and start doing this job.

This is why I think that it is important, because Girls make changes.


Irisa Meta, 13 years old