“You are what you eat”, by Griselda kashari

September 23, 2022

Our society is always devided.Some of them think that “Yes,it’s a fact that we are what we eat “ , a sentence that continue with long arguments to convince each others.And the other group support the thing that “No,we aren’t what we eat !”

Everyone of us has own different purposes and desires. Someone wants to become a doctor, someone wants to have their own company or someone else has a dream to be a Victoria’s Secret model. These things including a long giant chain of another  aims or dreams make us different from each other.

Ok…we are different and that is a fact based on hundreds of arguments like these above, but if we  think about the similarities we can count them on the fingers of our hands.The main similarity is that everyone of us wants his/her health more than anything else.There is something that is calles self-love which has the ability to urge each person to he careful about every risk.

One of the most dangerous risks that prevents us from being healthy is our disbalanced diet which sends us in front of the main enemy of our organism and at the same time the best friend of hundreds of disorders, MALNUTRITION.The addiction of snacks, fast-food or soft drinks, which are absolutely the latest trend nowadays, usually cross all the limits and we forget their dangerousness on us, we neglect this fact because of their tempting taste.

“We are what we eat”,the famous expression that wants to explain and to show people thar this health which each of us craves so much is the son of our daily diet  that fortunately is a thing which depends on us .

So if you want to save your daily diet son ,that is called “Health” from his recent or next disease just change the prescription.My advice : Try to use that prescription which call “The diet full of nutritional values”.

Realized by: Griselda Kashari

Class: XII