Sicily: where “The moon is burning in the sky”// brucia la luna n’cielu… by Anja Dedja

June 16, 2024

Sicily: where “The moon is burning in the sky”// brucia la luna n’cielu…

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Nga Anja Dedja/ Year 10/ Elbasan/ Albania

June 16, 2024


We were overly excited when we decided to buy plane tickets to visit Sicily. After all, it appears to offer everything you need for an unforgettable trip. However, honestly, the magical pictures on the internet were totally unable to convey the reality.

On our first evening, we decided to take a leisurely stroll into town. At first, we liked it, but then as street markets unfolded right in front of our eyes, the situation became irresistible. Not only were the streets bustling and full of acoustic pollution, but also there were tissues, cans, bottles and other rubbish right on the ground, making it an abominable sight. As far as I’m concerned, such experience isn’t much fun.

However, we tried to keep an open mind about the town itself. A review I had read on the internet said that you can find the best ice creams in Sicily, so we decided to give it a try. Just as me and a friend of mine bought ice cream, a man swiftly stole her wallet. Without doubt, it was an awful moment as my friend started panicking but it was too late as the man was now long gone. An elderly woman, kind enough to approach us, mentioned that pickpocketing was common in that city. Feeling the necessity to hold my handbag as close to me, kind of made me regret this trip.

The next day, as we walked all morning, weather conditions became unbearable so we began waiting at a bus station. Beyond our expectations, the bus was getting late. As seconds turned into minutes, we were dying of boredom. Had I written the review on that web page, I might have inevitably warned: “Don’t wait for a bus that never arrives. Walk instead!”

I’m certain that there are people who like Sicily: people who don’t mind crowded places and pollution or people who are sports people and challenge themselves to walk for kilometers. But for the rest of you, Sicily is most definitely a destination to avoid!