“Living to 150: a blessing or a nightmare” by Belkisa Muço

June 16, 2024

21-st century wellbeing

Living to 150: a blessing or a nightmare

By: Belkisa Muço, 7-th Grade, Elbasan, Albania

June 16, 2024

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Living to 150 seems impossible, both for those who want this to happen, as well as for those who might be afraid of this kind of torture, as some call it. This may seem as the ultimate dream to a group, but is it the dream it appears to be? Are you willing to live a century and a half, as a witness of the advancement of technology which supposing should change the world positively, although technology the more it seems to advance, the more it makes our society collapse, for those who don’t use it properly? Yet, on the other hand you may also be a century and a half witness of war, during your time of living. War, that was born from the advancements of technology. When you first thought that if you keep living to infinitive would be a dream, you would soon want the infinite nightmare to end. Eventually people would be tired of their never-ending nightmare.

Why do some people believe in an ultimate dream? They claim that life would be amazing. They could do anything they desire. Isn’t that just a justification for being afraid of death. They are yet again the same people who are afraid of artificial intelligence to take over the world, or those who are afraid of wars, although they are yet again the same people who want to live to 150. What most enthusiastic of longevity love most is the idea itself of of some sort of possible eternal life. They may never understand the consequences of their dream. The consequences are what people highlight. The people who accept their lifespan, yet the same people who believe in the ultimate dream is a nightmare. They don’t get frightened about death but they get frightened from the world becoming extinct for the sake of some people who want to develop AI so they can live their dream, however they will be affected. Some scientists believe that if you freeze people, cage them in ice, they will melt and still be alive. Not to mention the negativity of low temperatures, but they also won’t be able to fuel their body with food. Some others say it’s not them who should live to 150, because they know it’s impossible, so they build robots, as a replacement for mankind. And later those people who apparently will be able alive after they melt, will be surrounded in a world of robots. All these assumptions and ideas all lead to these sorts of consequences. And in the end, it’s yet these people who suffer their dream, now a nightmare.

There are also two sides of living to 150. There are some people who live to 150, because it was all natural, and we weren’t affected, and then there are the others, who put themselves thought trouble, but also force us to face their trouble, and live a nightmare, instead of an ultimate dream.

My own view is that you shouldn’t spend your life hoping to be 150. People are and were too afraid of dying, but if they liked living, they wouldn’t have spent their life worrying about death. Uncertainty to live in a society, where  people put the future of 100 years in front of them, fist, rather than making little and safe advancements that probably may damage the world years later, but it is not the ultimate goal. I also believe in the consequences that come with people’s dream, and by harming themselves to live till 150 or for longer, and still die one day, they are harming us, by having to face AI advancements we didn’t ask for instead of letting us, who want to live a normal life, not having to face consequences.