“In life is better to be healthy or to be happy” by Elizabeta Topuzi

November 7, 2022

Every person does his best for a happy life. Some people think that having a healthy mind, is a big victory. That is because they put their mental health on top of everything. Many others think that having a healthy physical, may be the biggest happiness. It is obviously clear that those opinion depends on how they see their lives and what perspectives they have for their lives. There are other people that think both that are related so deep with each-other and should definitely be a connection, if we want them to work well.

On one hand, people think that being happy all the time is very effective. That is because a happy person never has time to think things that put him in a bad mood. Being happy looks like we don’t have problems, or even thought we have, we know how to deal with them. There is always a solution for each problem. Furthermore, thinking good things, brings you more good things. It is like a type of therapy, when our mind should always be busy thinking beautiful things. What is more, every part of our body is connected with each-other. It means that, if we have a healthy mind, eventually we will have a healthy body, and in the end, that is what we are looking for. The happiness helps our body works better. We know very well that each type of feelings that our brain creates, has an effect in a particular part of our body. And when this happens, the body reacts in a hard way of adapting and makes our body being in a difficult position. In addition, that is why many people attend different therapy classes, starting with yoga’s, meditation, etc., but both of them are directly connected with our mind, that means that we are able to know the role of our mental health. Many people are struggling with many different mental problems that are not then anymore able to think for nothing else in life, because that is where the life journey begins, from our mind.

On the other hand, many people think that having a healthy mind is more important than having a healthy life in a healthy body. They think that when you are healthy physically, you are able to work, move, run, walk and move all around the world. Firstly, when we are healthy, we are optimistic to go on with everything in life, to not stop and to do what we thing that bring us a better future. Secondly, many teenagers think that being apparently healthy, can open many doors for their futures. Not only that, but also the people that are not satisfied with their appearance, do a lot of plastic surgeries, to achieve the best version of the perfection. In those cases, trying to achieve the best, there are cases that they make themselves worst than they were. That happens due to their low self esteems. If they were more confident with themselves , it wouldn’t be necessary to do those crazy stuffs to change our natural version for a version that is not our self. In addition, when we are healthy, we do many things that make us happy. That is a good reason for the, to believe that our physical health is more important than a healthy mind.

As far as I am concerned, there is a deep connection between our mental health and physical health. It is proved in many cases in our live, and I think there is not a boundary to decide which is more important. It is said” A healthy mind in a healthy body” and it is totally a real quote that means a lot. If we want to have a healthy mind, we have to work a lot for it, but in collaboration with our physical health, that means not putting in a second place our physical health, as well as if we want a healthy physical health, we have to work with our mental health too.

In conclusion, we have to take care for both of our mental and physical health, because they are definitely connected with each-other. All in all, to achieve something good in our life, we have to work a lot in different directions to have a good result, because we know that there is always a good reward for a hard work, and lucky are those people who are able to keep all the elements together.

Written by: Elizabeta Topuzi