Hektor Çiftja was born 1973, in the two thousand your old city of Elbasan, widely renowned for the tradition in teacher training and the profound and massive fascination with kids, books, and education. Elbasan is just 30 minutes drive from the Capital of Albania, Tirana (

A former Fulbright Visiting Scholar, ( in 2003, he now is a full-time senior lecturer in the university “A. Xhuvani”, Elbasan, ( teaching subject in communication studies, media and linguistics.

Hektor Çiftja is also a very active social activist, he is the Chairman of the Local City Council.

Çiftja started “H&D Cunsultancy” since 1993, his passion was born out of a belief that only a generation of Albanians who are well-education in western countries, can then, upon their return, bring about social and national change in their home country.

Hektor Çiftja is married to Diamanta Vito-Çiftja, a former Chevening scholar ( who specializes in Public Administration Training, works full –time as the General Director for the relations with Civil Society and foreign partners in the municipality of Elbasan ( Ms. Diamanta Çiftja has a strong affiliation with Peace Corps Albania, ( and for almost 10 years she has been working with them full-time on seasonal contracts. She is also the co-founder of the “H&D Cunsultancy”.

Hektor and Diamanta have a young son, Eric, aged 10 years old.